"I love Dr. Scott Cooper. He has helped me tremendously. When I first came to Morter HealthCenter, I was in severe pain and had numbness in my legs. Some mornings it was difficult to get out of bed. Since then, most days I am pain free. Dr. Cooper cares deeply about his patients and their complete health, not just one part of the body. He is a wonderful doctor of chiropractic medicine as well as a great person. I would recommend his treatment to anyone - and have many times. Thanks."

Katherine V., Indiana


"I started seeing Dr. Sue Morter about five years ago, at a very low point in my life. I felt depleted in every way, spiritually, mentally and physically. With her encouragement, teaching, and treatments, I am a much changed person today. Physically stronger than ever and I'm over fifty. I can see the world through new eyes, a happier, healthier me."

B.W., Indiana 


"I started seeing Dr. Scott Cooper for treatment of tinnitus, Meniere's disease, and for pain at the base of my neck. The pain in my neck went away in a short time. My Meniere's was gone after a few months. We are still working on the tinnitus and making progress.

Dr. Cooper has been a great teacher and doctor in helping me to reach my potential for better health. He has helped me not only with my complaint symptoms, but with my overall health. I have gradually incorporated the six essentials into my lifestyle, and upon his recommendation, I have also done a detoxification. I have changed my eating habits by increasing my alkaline ash foods and decreasing my acid ash foods. Changing my eating habits has helped me lose weight and increase my energy level to where I can exercise daily, including jogging.

Other benefits I have noticed from the six essentials, detox, and treatments include sleeping improvement, a better immune system, and learning better ways to handle stress."

Susan L., Indiana

"By taking the AlkaGreen, and with Dr. Sue Morter's help, I no longer have heartburn. I used to have leg aches each night - I no longer have them. I had neck pain for a long time, this is gone. My back pain is less and I am able to do more. I have seen and felt a big change in my life and health. Dr. Sue has helped me to turn all the problems I had around. My family has also seen a change in my life and health."

Marie H., Indiana

"Dr. Sue, I don't even know how to thank you for how you helped me. It ('Focused Care' 1-on-1 Treatment Intensive) was soul-changing and I'm so grateful. When I got back my 7yr old daughter took one look at me and squealed, 'Mommy you look better!' It was amazing! You've not only affected me, but the positive effects will be carried over at least another generation via my kids. You've given me some great tools to put into practice more fully the things I've read and learned. I pass some of these things along to my kids in small doses, but living them more fully myself will help them model also. It was truly a pleasure meeting you all!"

Tina K., Illinois

"Several years ago I was experiencing anxiety, panic and depression. I saw several doctors who all wanted to prescribe medications for my symptoms. This was not a solution for me. I didn't just want to 'feel' better; I wanted to be better. I believe that the medications used to treat those disorders would numb me from feeling the world. I wanted a solution with long-term effects, drug-free and would ensure me that everyday I could stop and smell the roses. Through my searching, a friend of mine recommend I visit Dr. Scott Cooper at Morter HealthCenter.

Through my treatments with Dr. Cooper, I accomplished what I believed for a while to be the impossible. In the beginning, we aggressively attacked the problem that got me over the hump. Since then, Dr. Cooper has taught me how to be in touch with myself, recognizing early signs of anxiety and depression, and managing my own wellness. My treatments with Dr. Cooper are always insightful and fulfilling.

I am now on a regular maintenance program with Dr. Cooper. He helps me to keep in balance and in good mental as well as physical health. I highly recommend his services to anyone who has ever experienced anything like I have in the past. I would eve say, just as a good overall eminence for your mind and body...do it!"

Melissa H., Indiana

"I walked into Morter HealthCenter in Indianapolis due to the recommendations of a woman I met at a conference in Cincinnati. Becoming a patient of Dr. Sue Morter was a defining moment in my life.

Dr. Sue is the first healthcare practitioner I have encountered that treated all aspects of me - mind, body and spirit. The results to date are profound on all levels. Through the use of BioEnergetic Synchronization Technique and multiple alternative treatment modalities, Dr. Sue pinpoints and removes energetic interference in my nervous system, effectively clearing multiple physical conditions and symptoms. As a result of her treatments, I no longer experience migraine headaches, low back pain, and gastrointestinal problems. The 'menopause' that my gynecologist diagnosed via hormone levels in blood tests is now reversed. Recurrent plantar warts on both feet have completely disappeared. I weigh 15 lbs. less than I did a year ago. On occasion, I have experienced mild discomfort in my neck and shoulder area, significantly reduced from what it was a year ago. In addition, I have not taken any prescription or over the counter medications in over a year.

Dr. Sue's treatments enabled me to fully physically integrate the effects of childhood sexual abuse. Although I had been through counseling and had intellectually processed and accepted this experience, the treatments cleared the physical memories locked as interference in my nervous system. I now fully accept and continue to gain a deeper understanding of the role these experience played in shaping who I am. As these healing processes unfolded, I began to make significant lifestyle changes. I am now aware of the tremendous impact that negative thinking has on my health. I continually "check-in" to my own self-talk.

Meditation, attention to the type and quality of food which I choose to fuel my body, and appropriate supplementation, all suggested by Dr. Sue, are now a part of my daily life. These choices impact me on a very basic and profound level and affect many dimensions of my being. I am transformed by the treatments I've received at the hands of Dr. Sue. I am forever grateful for her assistance in my healing and for her guidance in my continued growth in Mind-Body-Spirit. I am deeply thankful."

Kris C., Indiana

"My first reaction from my husband after a few months of treatment was: 'Why are you being so nice to me?'"

Paula P., Indiana

"Thirteen years ago I broke my foot and I've limped since that break. Physicians, chiropractors and massage therapists tried to relieve the trauma with no success. I believed that our minds affect our bodies, however, Dr. Sue Morter has taught me the difference between believing and KNOWING. Knowing that our minds affect our bodies is more powerful and effective.

Much of what I believe has become a deeper inner knowing since working with Dr. Sue. Her energy work helped me take a strong first step toward trusting myself to KNOW that I am totally and eternally good and out of that flows love for everyone. I am moving toward seeing and loving the goodness in others.

I haven't changed the habits of a lifetime overnight, however, the foot has been pain free and then it flares up again and I examine my thinking. Since beginning the energy work with Dr. Sue, I'm able to identify more quickly negative thought patterns and move more quickly to that loving, trusting place. I'm still learning to trust my own desires and when they come from a place of love, I now know that I can act upon those desires and trust the outcome to be okay. The foot is like a barometer. When I am in the flow of trusting myself and knowing love, the foot improves and when I move away from that place I'm limping again. I'm learning to listen to my foot and appreciate its contribution of moving me into positive energy with the help of Dr. Sue."

Dona R., Indiana

"Dr. Scott Cooper is very in touch with the body and mind connection. His clinical knowledge along with his practical intuition allow for optimal results within each session. His caring and sharing attitude just makes the experience more enjoyable."

Scott S., Indiana


"When I walked into Morter HealthCenter I was only looking for food supplements to make me feel better. A friend of mine was using some food supplements that Dr. Sue had recommended.

I was scheduled for a hysterectomy as well as gall bladder surgery on July 28th. Dr. Sue encouraged me to delay the surgery for a month to see if I could notice any improvement. She immediately changed my diet due to the gall stones. I was given a diet of cooked fruits and vegetables which included avoiding milk. Within the next month I read 'Fit for Life' and 'Your Health, Your Choice.' Both of these books, along with tapes have changed my lifestyle.

It's been over three months since my first visit to Morter HealthCenter. I've lost 13 pounds, refrained from 2 surgeries and I feel better than I have for years. You are truly what you eat and think. I'm so thankful the Lord lead me to Dr. Sue that day in July. It totally changed my life."

Rebecca K., Indiana

"I have been a patient of Dr. Scott Cooper for several years. My health has improved greatly. Better yet my thought process and eating habits have changed. My life has more meaning each week. I have learned that embracing truth, caring and loving makes life's problems a lot less. I wish everyone could experience the changes on themselves as Dr. Cooper has shown me. My health improves each week with Dr. Cooper balancing me. Our entire family has benefited so much from Dr. Cooper."


 "I came to Dr. Sue Morter and Morter HealthCenter because I had developed a lump in my breast and was looking for treatment other than what conventional medicine has to offer. I had no prior experience with chiropractic, but Dr. Sue was recommended to me by a friend who had attended several of her seminars. So, I had some idea that Dr. Sue is not a 'run of the mill' chiropractor.

From what I already know about natural healing and alternative treatments, I realized that I needed to make many changes in my life - from the simplest aspects to the most complex. Dr. Sue has helped me to make changes in the complex aspects of spirituality and mental patterns. She has helped change my basic outlook on life from cynicism and negativity to joy and appreciation. She has also brought about a great deal of buried pain and unresolved issues. It is hard to describe how she does this, but the benefits are undeniable. It took roughly four months for my lump to smooth out.

One of the most important things that Dr. Sue has helped me with is forgiveness. She has helped me let go of a lot of mental and spiritual baggage. Dr. Sue has helped me understand how all that baggage was affecting me. I believe that, more than anything else, the lump was a physical manifestation of the guilt and anger I'd been carrying.

Another good thing that Dr. Sue has done is that she's reminded me that other people have much good to offer. I have become more open and trustful, instead of being constantly on guard with an 'everybody wants something' attitude.

About a year ago, before my lump became evident, I was a much different person. If anyone had told me then that I would change this much or in these ways, I'm sure I would've responded with disbelief and disdain. In fact, when I was telling a co-worker about what has happened to me, he said 'You mean you're not a little ball of hate anymore?' That was quite stunning! However, his comment served to indicate to me how far I've come. I am so much more peaceful now and much happier. I am very grateful to have changed direction. The road I'm now traveling fills me with wonder, delight, appreciation and love. It's possible that I would have gotten here without Dr. Sue, but I'm quite sure that she helped make it happen much quicker and with a grace that has immeasurably eased the process."

Kristin B., Indiana